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Techniques for ultra-high voltage and very fast transients

New research will underpin testing of ultra-high voltage equipment used across a range of industries

This European Union funded project will support the standardization of ultra-high voltage measurement techniques, focusing on the needs of three different industrial sectors:
  1. One part of the project will focus on high-voltage measurements for medical X-ray equipment. The project will provide traceable measurements of practical peak voltage and exposure time, thus ensuring a better control of the dose delivered by X-ray units used in fields such as radiology, mammography and dentistry. This will help to ensure good diagnostic performance while keeping radiation doses to patients to a minimum.
  2. Another aspect of the project will focus on measurements of partial discharges in high-voltage power systems. The capabilities developed will improve the reliability of the power supply from high-voltage direct-current transmission lines, which are increasingly being deployed across Europe due to the low-loss, long-distance energy transmission offered.
  3. Finally, the project will provide new calibration methods for fast transient sensors, to address the needs of the electrical power industry.