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Capitalising on Invisible Value 

User-driven Business Models in the Emerging Circular Economy (AARRE)

Consumers are playing a central role in transformation towards CE. To enable the value circle, consumers need to take a central and active role. New business models will offer radically new services and products for consumers. In order to adopt new generation of services, products and technologies supporting CE, consumers have to change their attitudes, behaviour and daily practises. Thus, in-depth consumer understanding is important in order to create successful business models that consumers will adopt. Novel technologies such as IoT will play a significant role as an enabler on these user centric business models.

AARRE focuses on user centric business models of CE. The goal of AARRE is to solve how to transform the invisible global value of the CE into successful: 1) business boost of existing companies, 2) new business of emerging companies. To achieve this goal, AARRE makes visible business opportunities in CE by understanding a) consumers' role in transformation, b) emerging technologies as accelerators, c) successful business model elements and their implications, d) changing business ecosystems and value chains, e) key drivers, factors and actors and by creating future pathways leading the way to the circular economy. AARRE runs rapid experiments so as to demonstrate these business opportunities, consumer acceptance and environmental impacts of different business models.

AARRE research consortium consists of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finnish Environment Institute and University of Helsinki (Consumer Society Research Centre). AARRE partners are Lassila & Tikanoja, Destamatic, Eurokangas, Kierrätysverkko, Not Innovated Here, PiggyBaggy, Innoschool, Tziip, Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. International collaboration partners are Cambridge University (EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability) and Lund University (IIIEE). AARRE project started 1.8.2015 and ends 30.9.2017.

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