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Carbon handprint - a positive indicator!

Carbon Handprint -
communicating the good we do (2016-2018)


Carbon Handprint Guide is published!


The work on handprints is continued in Environmental Handprint -project (2018-2020). More information will follow.


Carbon  handprint  was  a  two-year  project  that  created   a  methodology  for   carbon  handprint calculations. Whereas carbon footprints describe the emissions and negative climate impacts of products or organisations, carbon handprints show the positive impact that the product or organisation can create.  Handprints  can  be  used  for  demonstrating  the  improvements  the  company's  products,  services  or processes result in terms of environmental sustainability. Thus communicating about the handprint bring competitive advantage for clean-tech companies.

The project was coordinated by VTT and the work was done in co-operation with Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). The other  Finnish  partners covered several  industries and perspectives.  The  project was  funded by  Business Finland (formerly Tekes, the Finnish  Funding  Agency  for  Technology and Innovation), industrial  partners, VTT and LUT.  The project schedule was 1st September 2016 - 30th November 2018.