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About MaaS concept and MAASiFiE project

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

MaaS is a new concept aiming to provide consumers with flexible, efficient, user-oriented and ecological mobility services covering multiple modes of transport on a one-stop-shop principle. MaaS could offer multimodal route planners and different services under one fare and on the same ticket. As well as traditional public transport, MaaS could also cover various rental and sharing services. MaaS could combine passenger and freight transport operations, especially with respect to urban delivery and distribution in rural areas.

MAASiFiE (2016) MaaS definition is: “multimodal and sustainable mobility services addressing customers' transport needs by integrating planning and payment on a one-stop-shop principle”.

Mobility As A Service For Linking Europe, MAASiFiE

MAASiFiE is a project financed by the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme 2014 on Mobility & ITS. The main scope of MAASiFiE is to identify and analyse MaaS models and create a Roadmap 2025 for MaaS in Europe. In this context a common understanding of MaaS needs to be gained for both public and private stakeholders.

Objectives & actions of the project include:

  • Analyse state-of-the-art and future trends of MaaS including multimodal traveller information services, ticketing/payment systems and sharing concepts
  • Develop business and operator models
  • Analyse technological requirements and interoperability issues, as well as legal enablers and challenges
  • Perform socio-economic and environmental impact assessments of MaaS
  • Support the development of MaaS in European countries and promote the exchange of MaaS knowledge

Project duration:  1st June 2015 – 31st May 2017

Project coordinator: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. (Finland)

Project partners: AustriaTech (Austria) and Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)