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Towards risk-conscious investment decision making and value creation 

MittaMerkki workbook:
Räikkönen, M., Takala, J., Toshev, R., Välisalo, T., Uusitalo, T., Kunttu, S., Tilabi, S., Daneshpour, H., Shakeel, S.R., Zucchetti, P., Vatunen, A.-M., 2017. Towards risk-conscious investment decision-making and value creation. VTT Technology 282.
Press release (in Finnish): 
MittaMerkki research project focuses on decision-making and investment evaluation in value network and supports decision-makers in their aim to make the optimal trade-offs between monetary and non-monetary considerations.
The project aims to:
  • Support investment decision-making at the strategic level
  • Advance ability to risk-consciously create value
  • Provide practical decision tools to evaluate investments and to assess uncertainty and risk

The project is funded by Tekes New Value Creation call and it is carried out 1.1.2015 - 31.12.2016.