Background documents

EU directives

Revised Waste Framework Directive (DIRECTIVE (EU) 2018/851) amending DIRECTIVE 2008/98/EC on waste

  • waste hierarchy with waste prevention and reuse being superior to recycling and other recovery
  • first practical targets for reuse and method to assess the progress (municipal waste so far, construction and demolition waste is excluded)
  • the Commission shall consider setting reuse targets for construction and demolition waste by 31.12.2024 (paragraph 12 e)
  • the Members States shall
    • encourage the design, manufacturing and use of reusable products (paragraph 10 b)
    • encourage the reuse of construction materials and products (paragraph 10 d)
    • encourage the availability of technical information enabling the reuse (paragraph 10 e)

Circular economy

Closing the loop - An EU action plan for the Circular Economy


Guidelines for the waste audits before demolition and renovation works of buildings


EU Construction & Demolition Waste Management Protocol

Core indicators for the assessment of the lifecycle environmental performance of a building, and incentives for their use


Regulation 333/2011 (End-of-waste criteria for scrap metal)

Raw materials

Raw Materials Initiative and European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials