PARADE - Best practices for Pre-demolition Audits ensuring high quality Raw materials

The construction and demolition industry is the largest contributor to waste streams generated in Europe. Therefore, it is in the scope of the European Commission to encourage more efficient recovery of this waste. The PARADE project develops life-long education materials on best practices for pre-demolition waste audits. The aim is to provide an harmonized approach for performing waste audits making references to legislation, and benefitting from existing studies and information on best practices collected in previous projects. The planning of the education material takes into account the current gaps and knowledge needs identified in the European member states.
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PARADE project has the purpose of

  1. preventing unnecessary waste
  2. enabling reuse and recycling of materials and components
  3. maximizing the value and sustainable use of material along the construction and demolition value chain.

Several stakeholders along the value chain can benefit from the results of the project, for example building owners:

  • a correct material inventory at the start of the tender process, so that a correct and detailed cost estimation can be made
  • a diminished risk for unexpected costs
  • High-grade material outputs from the demolition process will lead to lower costs
  • A legal and sustainable end market for the material streams that arise from the building

Demolition companies, contractors:

  • A correct material inventory at the start so that a realistic price can be offered (risk reduction)
  • Health security in waste handling when hazardous materials are identified and treated properly
  • Less discussions regarding unexpected works
  • A higher quality of the material streams lead to a financial benefit
  • Avoiding penalties and landfilling costs
  • An increased trust in the delivered material streams that are delivered to the recycling companies

Recycling companies:

  • high-grade material streams allow a more cost-effective recycling process and more high-grade recycling applications


The overall aim of the project is to ensure good quality raw materials from construction and demolition waste and also to increase the transparency between stakeholders. The particular objectives of the project are:

  • To explain the aim and the content of the waste audit presented in the DG GROW project, if possible with links to existing good practices in selected countries
  • To prepare a complementary document for implementation of the waste audit in practice by making references to existing legislation, national regulation, good practices, results from other projects (e.g. Waste Protocol) and relevant standards
  • To prepare course and seminar materials to be spread by suitable channels
  • To hold tailor made webinars, seminar and courses for the target groups.
  • To enhance the EU policy knowledge of the professionals in the sector by training them about the legal foundation for recycling/reuse
  • To bring together expertise and experience among stakeholders involved in the value chain
  • To promote the production of high-quality raw material from C&DW works


Photographs courtesy of VITO.