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19 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium

This seminar provides information on the predemolition concept as a tool for increasing the high-quality recycling of construction and demolition waste, and an important measure for avoiding spreading of hazardous materials in the environment due to improved demolition activity. Furthermore, the seminar addresses future drivers and tools supporting the use of predemolition audits to achieve circular economy targets in the demolition sector. A special topic is also how to enhance the lifelong learning of professionals by creating an understanding of waste as a resource.

Target group:
The seminar aims to bring together stakeholders from along the raw materials value chain representing demolition companies, end-users of construction materials, consultants, scientists from universities, research organizations and public authorities for discussing and exchanging views on hazardous material inventories and construction and demolition waste as a future resource.

Download the presentations of the Predemolition audit for circular economy seminar here.


Webinar 1. Role of waste audit in Circular Economy
Date: September 12, 2019 at 9:30 (CET)

The webinar is designed to give general information on basic principles about pre-demolition audit, roles of different actors, reports and links to better management of construction and demolition waste. In addition, examples of audit protocols will be presented.

The material of webinar 1: Role of waste audit in Circular Economy.


Webinar 2. Ensuring safe materials from demolition
Date: September 17, 2019 at 13:30 (CET)

The webinar is designed to inform on how to recognize hazardous materials and substances in constructions to be demolished or renovated. The webinar will include a presentation on how to check that asbestos has been removed, as well as information on the asbestos elimination programme in Flanders, Belgium.

The material of webinar 2: Ensuring safe materials from demolition.


Webinar 3. From demolition to high-grade recovery
Date: September 26, 2019 at 9:30 (CET)

How to assess the recycling and reuse potential of construction and demolition waste (opportunities, boundary conditions for recycling).

The material of webinar 3: From demolition to high-grade recovery.

Webinar 4. Regional aspects of C&D waste audit (in Slovakian)

Webinar 4. Regionálne aspekty preddemolačného auditu odpadov (v slovenčine)
Date: October 7, 2019 at 9:30 (CET)

The webinar is designed to give general information on current regional C&D waste management and EU strategies, basic principles about waste audit, benefits, roles of different actors, and how to start, as well as recyclability and reusability of the major waste streams from demolition activities.

Webinar je pripravený tak, aby poskytol všeobecné informácie o súčasnom nakladaní so stavebným a demolačným odpadom z regionálneho hľadiska, ako aj stratégiách EU, základných princípoch preddemolačného auditu odpadov, výhodách, úlohách jednotlivých účastníkov a možnostiach zavedenia do praxe, ako aj recyklovateľnosti a opätovnej využiteľnosti hlavných tokov odpadov z demolačných činností.

Webinar 4: Regionálne aspekty preddemolačného auditu odpadov.


Webinar 5. From predemolition audit to circular economy

Date: December 18, 2019 at 10:00 (CET)

The webinar is focusing on waste prevention and preparing for reuse - the highest priorities in waste hierarchy retaining the value of the products and the closing loop. In the webinar we will learn about experiences gained from two EU projects: FCRBE (Facilitating the circulation of reclaimed building elements in Northwestern Europe) and shortly also about PROGRESS (Provisions for Greater Reuse of Steel Structures).

The material of webinar 5: From predemolition audit to circular economy.