Collaborators & stakeholders

Your opinion and support are important to us. If you would like to influence the outcome and follow the progress of the project closer, register as a Stakeholder or apply to become a Collaborator. Contact either Impact WP leader or the Coordinator. The contact details can be found on the Contact page of the website. Collaborators are organisations that sign a Letter of Agreement with the consortium. Stakeholders are a broader group of people who proactively engage with the project and will be members of a stakeholder's committee.

Members of Stakeholder's committee will be invited to workshops as well as to committee meetings, which take place every nine months in conjunction with project meetings. In the stakeholder's committee meetings,

  • the project results will be presented
  • stakeholders have ability to present their companies and potential issues and impact they expect from this project in the frame of their activity
  • discussion will take place between partners and stakeholders to share some general and specific needs this project could address and how it could help stakeholder's company to overcome some technical issues encountered in their applications. 

Below you can find downloadable content of the project that is aimed at all Stakeholders and Collaborators of the project. The publishable summary of the project will be updated throughout the project.