Work Packages


The research is divided into four technical work packages


WP1: Design and fabrication of photonic and quantum optomechanical devices

  • photonic crystal cavities, micro-rings, micro-disks and membrane resonators
  • target optical quality factor for photonic sensors Qo > 105 ; for optomechanical sensors Qo > 108
  • target mechanical quality factors Q  > 104

WP2: Investigation of device materials for functional optimisation

  • materials of interest: silicon nitride, silicon and diamond
  • viability of these materials in quantum optomechanical resonators
  • focus on maximising the photoelastic effects and minimising the mechanical loss and light absorption in the fabricated devices

WP3: Photonic and optomechanical read-out protocols

  • characterise the metrological repeatability, sensitivity and stability of the devices
  • demonstrate quantum-based read-out protocols for opto-mechanical devices

WP4: Metrological validation of photonic and optomechanical thermometers

  • methods and procedures for ITS90 traceable calibration of the developed mesoscopic sensors 
  • uncertainty budgets for the calibrations
  • target uncertainties: below 1 mK for photonic sensors and below 1 K for optomechanical sensors