Photonic and optomechanical read-out protocols 

The aim of this work package is to develop and to study temperature measurements techniques using optomechanical and photonic sensors and to define their limiting factors.

In the first task, new techniques will be developed for scaling the sensitivity of the mechanical resonator, realisation of quantum correlation techniques for primary quantum temperature thermometry and extension of its working range up to room temperature for the optomechanical sensors. Measurement setups will be developed to investigate the sensitivity and interrogation schemes of these temperature sensors, including their systematic effects to the measurement. Despite the fact that both sensors use very different physical effects to read out the temperature (measurement based on the temperature dependence of the refractive index for the photonic sensor and based on the level of thermal noise for the optomechanical sensor) they share a large variety of experimental techniques and the project will benefit from the synergy between the partners.

In the second task, the analysis of the techniques and indication of the fundamental and technical (environment, laser noise, photodetection efficiency, interpolation function of photonic sensors) limiting factors will be investigated and will be used as a contribution to the uncertainty analysis in WP4.