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PreMed phase 3 report

PreMed phase 1 report

PreMed phase 2 report

Journal articles

Pharmacogenetics of bleeding and thromboembolic events in direct oral anticoagulant users

Integrating data from multiple Finnish biobanks and national health-care registers for retrospective studies: Practical experiences.

Pharmacogenetics of anticoagulation and clinical events in warfarin-treated patients: A register-based cohort study with biobank data and national health registries in Finland.


A System Dynamics Model of Data-Driven Precision Medicine Ecosystem

Data-driven precision medicine ecosystem (PreMed) 5th project workshop 18.11.2020. Presentations here.

Premed overview slide.

A system dynamics model for evaluating the impact of public investments in a data-driven precision medicine ecosystem (EMBC 2019  poster abstract).

Pharmacogenomics of antithrombotic drugs - novel study design and data collection approach using Finnish biobanks and national registries (NBCC 2019 poster).

Data-driven precision medicine ecosystem - opportunities and challenges (Digital Health Nordic 2019   video slides)

News releases

News release 12.3.2019 (Finnish)

Blog:  Better healthcare needed - data and machine learning come to help!