Construction and demolition industry generates the largest waste stream in Europe. The effort required to decrease its amount or even to keep it at the same level is likely going to grow in the future. Recycling and material separation will become more expensive. This is partly because of the complex multi-material building components that are integrated in the current buildings and partly due to the stricter control of the recycling process.

Although, most of the building materials are already being recycled, there is a large potential to establish a closed loop of building components and to increase environmental benefits and value of the deconstructed building. Reuse will become gradually easier and cheaper option, and therefore the PROGRESS project strives to support the construction and demolition industry to adapt to this change.

Are you a building material/products manufacturer, facility owner, construction or demolition contractor, or do you provide design and consultation services for building sector? If so, contact us to discover how your organisation can be engaged in the development of Circular Economy business in construction.

A multidisciplinary expert group

Our group offers to:

  • Help you recognize the environmental potential and end-of-life value of your products or buildings
  • Guide you through the difficult decision-making process prior to building deconstruction
  • Provide recommendations on the design for deconstruction of new buildings and for the design from second-hand components

We have the expertise in

  • Building and material codes
  • Materials testing and certification
  • Life-cycle assessment of buildings and products
  • Building information modelling

We aim to .

  • Extend the service life of building elements
  • Reduce the raw material and energy consumption
  • Develop the design guidance
  • Establish the material quality verification process
  • Improve the overall building performance
  • Demonstrate the reuse process/technologies
  • Involve all actors in the product supply chain

New business through research, development and innovation

Our consortium aims to improve the valorisation potential of the components of existing buildings by improving

  • Testing and material certifications
  • Pre-demolition audits
  • Online trading tools

At the same time, we want to encourage the designers to consider reclaimed elements as the potential source for their new buildings' design by

  • Design guidelines
  • Case studies
  • Building information modelling