The results of the Sami&Samu project have been collected to the final report of the project. The document can be viewed and downloaded from the link below.

Final report [PDF] (updated 10 November, 2021)

Phase 2 results

Sami&Samu Final Seminar (20.05.2021) presentations.

Sami&Samu introduction, Virkkunen

Sami&Samu demonstrations, Mannila

Antimicrobial coatings by ALD, Alakoski

Determining hygiene level with camera technology, Alanen

Studies on selected antimicrobial compounds, Jämsen

Wood based disposable plates and cups test for users and company, Makela

Phase 1 results

Sami&Samu Project Phase 1 Result Report

Introduction to the Sami_Samu project

Antimicrobial hospital privacy curtains

Antimicrobiality laboratory test set up and results

Camera technology applications for hospital environment

Nordic forests as a rich source of antimicrobial Substances

Regulation and testing in hospital environment

Wood based antimicrobial substances and materials replacing fossil plastics in hospital environment


Information related to Sami&Samu project work

Antimicrobial product development and biocide legislation