Intelligent assets and smart data-oriented services as a source of competitive advantage

SmartAdvantage research project is a part of a joint research project, combining the projects of research organisations and industrial partners. SmartAdvantage consortium comprises of two research institutes and five industrial partners. Each industrial partner has their unique case of a radical innovation in digitalised asset management and data-driven services, which together provide SmartAdvantage project with a multi-dimensional research area. 

etusivun kuva.PNGThe goal is to enhance value creation opportunities for industrial ecosystems by developing novel approaches and business models for digitalised asset management. The project proceeds with collecting an understanding of the enablers, barriers and visions for the digitalisation. This knowledge will be exploited when developing data-driven asset management services, business models and related capabilities. The developed approaches, methods and tools are tested together with industrial partners. 

The parallel project structure provides an opportunity for industrial partners for sharing experiences, benchmarking activities and learn from each other as well as for research institutes and industrial partners to work effectively together by combining their expertise. Exploitation of the results from previous projects and collaboration between research and company projects will effectively support companies in creating new offerings and business. SMACC R&D community will be exploited to disseminate and exploit the SmartAdvantage results.


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