Welcome to Smart Bridge Facility Management

Smart Bridge Facility Management is a research project for developing new ways to utilize 3D bridge information models (BrIM) in facility management. Main target is to develop methods and interfaces to share the digital BrIM data and also other datasets between the bridge owner and other stakeholders in the facility management processes.

Facility management is becoming next major application area for building information modelling (BIM) based workflows and tools. Research is needed to find out the benefits and added-value but also to evaluate how the BIM-data can be produced, used and maintained in the FM domain.

All relevant FM data, including the BrIM data, should be available for needed stakeholders like FM service providers. The file based methods are not adequate and there are already a few commercial model-servers available for sharing also the BrIM-data on the Web. However the integration of model-servers with bridge owner's current centralized inventory systems is still lacking.

Smart Bridge FM -project is introducing a new method to utilize the bridge information model data in FM use cases. The main idea is linking the owner's master data with external third party applications and use external data either as linked data or, if needed, to copy the data into owner's centralized inventory system.

The main research method in the project is to implement demonstrations of selected use cases for evaluating the added value, maturity of the technologies and applicable business models. The demonstration scenarios are presented sub-pages of Use case 1 and 2.

The research project is implemented at VTT and supported by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and several companies. Check the details of our team and feel free to contact and ask more information or give feedback to guide our efforts!