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STORMFILTER – Engineered Infiltration Systems for Urban Stormwater Quality and Quantity, 2015-2017

STORMFILTER project description in English

STORMFILTER projektikuvaus suomeksi

​The STORMFILTER project addresses the societal challenges of urban stormwater management. The research targets are to generate knowhow to provide clean technologies, in the form of engineered materials and designs that can enhance stormwater management by retaining runoff and improving water quality through pollutant sorption or filtering in the soil. The targets compliment Finnish strategies for green urban living, by promoting vegetation health and improved water quality. The project also provides society with tools for decision making regarding regional planning and specifications, based on models and smart city monitoring of performance for the new infrastructural solutions.

Urban cloudbursts and resulting rapid stormwater overflows along surfaces and in networks are more and more common in cities due to the increasing extent of impervious surfaces, climate change, aging infrastructure and often undersized, centralized stormwater networks. Urban stormwater contains a variety of contaminants that can adversely impact receiving waters. Use of infiltration solutions to utilize this water (such as green roofs and pervious pavements) without proper consideration of these contaminants risks the status of urban ecosystems and water resources. The proposal targets developing material solutions and designs to clean stormwater, with quantitative values and models for the grey (subbase and hard surfacing) and green (vegetation) material solutions.